10 good and bad things about Australia

tmp_6634-geography-875350_1280728931292Things I’ll miss about Australia (in no particular order):-

1) Western standard supermarkets that sell a full range of stuff, including cheats like ready meals.

2) Cheap and readily available cheese, wine and meat, including excellent fillet steaks for £3.

3) Everybody speaks English (kind of 😉).

4) People are soooo friendly.

5) Local councils actually provide services, like free swimming lagoons and free gas BBQs in parks.  No cuts or austerity measures noticeable here.

6) A genuine concern for the environment – very little vandalism, litter or graffitti, beaches not built on, wildlife protected, lots of rooftop solar panels.

7) Sunny weather that means gardens can grow bougainvillea and jacaranda.

8) Colourful birds and quirky animals.

9) Varied and impressive landscapes – where else would you get sea, tropical rainforest, dry savannah woodland and rolling farmland that looks like England, all within a 2 hour drive.

10) 95% of the people you can see at any time will be wearing shorts and flip-flops or trainers.  Stupid shoes are nowhere in sight.

11) If Brisbane is representative, public transport in urban areas is cheap and well integrated.

12) All the poisonous critters seem to keep out of your way.

( I know, that was more than 10!)

Things I will be glad to leave behind in Australia:-

1) Beer is ridiculously expensive

2) TV is a bit rubbish.  Far too much airtime for politicians, highlights are old UK and US series like MASH, Poirot and New Tricks.

3) All the dips in the supermarket contain cream cheese – even the guacamole, which is just so wrong.  And taramasalata is really hard to find.

4) Long distance trains are unaffordable – you really have to fly and miss the bits in between.

5) Ummm….OK, I ran out of negatives already!













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