Getting an Indian tourist visa in Bangkok

Like many long term travellers, we had been planning to get an Indian tourist visa in Bangkok – at least for 3 months if we couldn’t score a 6-month one.  But it looks like we’ll have to change our plans!

As of October 2015, neither the embassy in Bangkok nor the consulate in Chiang Mai are issuing any kind of visas for India to people who are in Thailand on a tourist visa.  I personally received an email from the Chiang Mai consulate telling me I had to apply in my home country, and this from the outsourced company that handles the visa applications in Bangkok:-

We would like to clarify we have got the updates from Indian embassy.

Any non-Thai national who does not have permanent residency or work permit cannot apply any kind of visa in Thailand until further notice .

Either you can apply E- visa (
< )or you need to apply in your home country.

The only ray of hope is those words “until further notice”!


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