Bottled water at KLIA2

Like most budget travellers we normally buy bottled water to take on flights, but when it comes to buying water at KLIA2 there’s a problem.

You can’t buy bottled water at KLIA2 after security!

 It’s outrageous, but Air Asia has it all sewn up – the food outlets only sell plastic cups with film lids.  They’re too flimsy to put in your bag to take on board, and won’t fit in the seat pockets.

There is a single water fountain to the right just after the 2nd X-ray point (don’t confuse the customs x-ray with the security x-ray) but it’s designed to make it difficult to fill bottles – take a small (600ml max) bottle or get one of those flexible bottles designed for hiking.  You won’t get a large rigid bottle under the spout.

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